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Use of starter concentrates in fermented dairy product manufacture

Advantages of using cell concentrates

The following advantages have been claimed for the use of concentrates in cheese factories:

Centralised concentrate production enables a manufacturer to establish a team of technical experts and to develop the necessary technology and protocols to produce a quality product.

Concentrates can be produced at a central site, which is located at a place distant from cheese manufacture thus avoiding the hazards of phage infection due to phage-leaden whey aerosol particles in the environment.

Detailed quality control tests can be performed on each batch of concentrate and, in theory at least, only batches meeting the manufacturer's specification are released for factory use.

No incubation or sub-culturing is required at the factory. This reduces the probability of phage or other forms of contamination occurring since all the factory-staff have to do is to thaw the concentrate or open a packet of freeze-dried concentrates and add it to the bulk starter milk or to the vat milk.


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