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Pearson Square Calculator

The Pearson Square or Rectangle Method, also called Pearson's Square or Pearson's Rectangle, is a simplified method for solving a two variable simultaneous equation. While it is being used here with milk it is widely used in standardisation calculations for sausage manufacture, jam manufacture and blending alcoholic drinks; anywhere where it is necessary to calculate the amounts of two components that need to be mixed together to give a final known concentration.

For more information on the method refer to the article on the Pearson Square. Note Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for standardising milk using the Pearson Square method are available for downloading.

Pearson Square Calculator
Milk % fat*
Desired fat %*
Parts milk
Skim % fat *
Parts skim

Weight of mix required (kg)*
Weight of milk required (kg) 0    
Weight of skim required (kg) 0    
Values with an * are required

Download Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for standardizing milk


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