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Calculate the Potere Dolcificant (POD) and sucrose equivalent (SE) values of an ice cream mix

I have been having a series of discussions with suppliers of ice cream equipment about the effect of ice cream mix formulation on the perceived sweetness, temperature that mixes freeze (freezing pint depression), the % of unfrozen water present and the hardness of the ice cream produced.

To facilitate this discussion I have provided an On Line POD and SE calculator.

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    Calculate the Potere Dolcificante and relative sweetness of an ice cream mix
    Ingredient g / 100 g mix      
    Select maltodextrin        
    Whey solids      
    Skim milk powder      
    High fructose corn syrup, 90% (HFCS)      
    Select Corn Syrup Solids        
    Select high-maltose corn syrup        
    Whole milk      
    Potere Dolcificante, (POD)- lactose included      
    Sucrose equivalent (SE)- lactose excluded      
    To use this calculator add your ingredient values to the input cells.
    Values for the sweetness equivalents of different sweeteners compared with sucrose
    are summed and the sucrose-equivalent sweetness calculated.
    THE SE and POD calculations are similar except that the sucrose sweetness equivalent of
    lactose is calculated for the POD value.
    There are no universally accepted values for the sucrose equivalents of sweeteners. Values quoted range significantly.
    Calculator supplied for educational use only. No warranty is implied or given.

    How to cite this calculator

    Mullan, W.M.A. (2012) [On-line] UK: Available: Accessed:

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