Characteristics - Cevrin di Coazze is a ripened cheese produced from a mixture of goats' and cows' milk.  The concentration of cows' milk must be 60-70%.  Cevrin di Coazze cheese is cylindrical with flat surfaces.  The cylindrical shape has a diameter of 15-18 cm, an edge of 7-10 cm and a weight of 800-1500 g. Ripening lasts at least 20 days but is frequently longer than 120 days.  The crust is smooth and regular but not elastic.  The colour is wrinkled, hard, and reddish-grey with yellow and white highlights depending on its age.  The dough is yellowish with small and sparse holes.  The texture is soft and elastic.  The odour is strong and persistent.  The taste is very savoury and mainly hot, salty and acid in ripened products.

Production area - The cheese is produced in the towns of Coazze and Giaveno in the Turin province by five artisan cheesemakers.

Cevrin di Coazze is produced with raw milkCheesemaking - Cevrin di Coazze is produced with raw milk.  The cows' milk is kept in a cold place for 12 hours then skimmed and added to the same quantity of fresh goats' milk.  The mixture obtained is heated to 65-70° C, cooled to 30-35° C and coagulated by the addition of bovine liquid rennet.  Starters are not used.  The curd is cut to produce granules with the size of rice then collected and drained in moulds.  The cheese is dry-salted. 

Composition - The composition of Cevrin di Coazze cheese is given in Table 8.

Table 8.  The composition of Cevrin di Coazze cheese







Fat (% dry matter)




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