Established in 1998 by Federico Maronati and Filippo Zampieron, Artigeniale is an international consultancy and training company dealing with the ice-cream sector. As experienced craftspeople, we focus our activities on quality, pay attention to detail, devise and implement customized solutions which fulfil our customers' needs and plans best.

From Italy, we serve our customers all over the world.Our skills stem from 15 years of professional activities developed by planning, coordinating and managing projects in the ice-cream and home-made pastry sector, supporting, through the years, entrepreneurial businesses (small-, medium-, large-size enterprises and industrial ones), both in Italy and abroad.

On the basis of the experience achieved and our vision, we are the only consultancy company capable of detecting, analyzing and solving the current issues in a sector characterized by uncertainty and change like those due to the current economic-social situation, in Italy, in Germany and in other European countries.

We believe that being able to foresee the future developments of the market results in success for a new entrepreneurial idea, whether they are for a start-up or a well established business.


Just like the organizations and companies we have the privilege to work with; we believe in social responsibility and sustainable development.

hamburgWe are entrepreneurs who, on a daily basis, provide guidance to small-, medium- and large-size industrial and artisan organizations and support them in the management and control of change, in an attempt to reach excellence. We are very well aware of the market, final consumers' expectations, what craftsmen need in order to fulfil these expectations, techniques, methods and processes, however, we are still able to dream of innovation and be creative. While we have many years of experience in the ice-cream production sector we always listen carefully to our customers and learn from them.

We have implemented many innovative, successful and valuable solutions, but we are still looking for new opportunities and partners to share our desire to find something new every day and offer the best solutions to meet customer needs.

For us each customer is a personal engagement, each project we start fully involves us for its entire duration.


Our mission is to create value for our customers. For this purpose we work side by side with them, making an effort to see the world through their eyes while trying to understand what is really necessary to enable them to be competitive in today's demanding economic situation.

 We help them to find very specific solutions, by means of which they can distinguish themselves from direct and indirect competitors, devised in order to have a long-lasting impact on their organizations and/or projects, thus ensuring remarkable returns on their investments.

Just like the earth rotates around the sun, so do we rotate around our customers' hearths and invest our best energy in order to create a final structure as close to excellence as possible.


Our operating frameworks and specific skills, besides being based on acquired experience, are given momentum by research. We do believe that there can be no real development and innovation without research.

Direct knowledge of both craftsmen (our final customers) and consumers' needs (craftsmen's customers) enables us to support the industry by coordinating and developing projects within the following frameworks:

Strategic repositioning:

Strategic repositioning of existing business, by defining a strategy aiming to make the target market feel the concept of value and by meeting its actual needs and expectations, thus paving the way to a new leadership, able to be competitive both with reference to the market and as regards its economic results.

Ad hoc development projects for new businesses:

Development of specific entrepreneurial projects, on the basis of goals defined with our customers with reference to the actual needs to be fulfilled in the reference market, in logic of strategic, operating and product coordination.


Strategic: by analyzing the product-competitors-met or unmet customers' need triangle.

ice cream1

 Operating: planning and managing ad hoc measures on the basis of lines of action developed by the strategic marketing.

Analysis of the commercial potential of a location.

We re able to work side by side with our customers in order to draft forecasts, assessing the commercial potential of a given location.

Producing ice-cream:

By re-processing traditional recipes and ingredients, through a rigid selection of raw materials, knowing their functional and nutritional elements, we are able to produce ice-cream with the following characteristics:

  • A unique product, not classified, impossible to copy, not comparable with competitors.
  • A natural product, without using colouring agents, synthetic aromas and chemical additives.
  • A product characterized by great sensations, by reaching a flavour which immediately conjures up the reference raw material.
  • A product which is little affected by the price of raw materials, in comparison with the market standards and, more importantly, with reference to the sensations (flavour) and quality (nutritional) of the finished product.



Designing ice-cream shops, ice-cream cafés and other places in general, with an innovative concept, by coordinating design with the positioning strategy, quality standards of products offered, selling prices and primary targets intended to be reached.

Processes and organization:

Re-planning company processes by means of company organization techniques in order to increase operating margins.


Training human resources by means of collective courses held at our headquarters and ad hoc courses depending on the goals identified together with our customers. Finally, training courses at our customers' premises, for all those specific projects which require this type of activities.



Planning and coordinating strategies to approach the market by means of a re-organization of communication models.

Our forte is specialization by each single field of action, for this reason our team includes multi-disciplinary professionals, all sharing a high level of professionalism and excellence.

We hope that our presentation has informed you about who we are, our fields of action, how we work, our skills and services and we hope they can meet your requirements.

We thank you for the time and attention you have dedicated to us. We would welcome any request for clarification or further information from you. Please accept our kindest regards.