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Calculator for determining the retail selling price of ice cream to obtain desired profit level

Ice cream cost calculator
Please fill all required fields
How much do I need to charge to make a profit from my ice cream?
Ice cream variety Mix volume, gallons % overrun Volume of ice cream Production and overhead costs, $ Suggested retail price, $ Estimated profit on ice cream produced, $
gallons gallon gallon
quarts quart quart
pints pint pint
half pints half pint half pint
28 ounces 28 ounces 28 ounces
Replace values in coloured cells with your own data
Cost inputs are entered into the Inputs table
Annual operational costs $
Gallons Quarts Pints Half-pints 28 ounces
Flavour/variety $/gallon
General overhead costs
E.g. Vanilla
Packaging costs
Manufacturing costs
% Profit required
Storage and distribution
Miscell. charges
Promotion and marketing
Total cost , $
Required profit- % compared with total input and overhead costs Equipment purchase              
Building / plant rental
Use this table to allocate additional costs depending on packaging used.
Plant deprecation charge
Miscellaneous charges
Costs above apply to all packs
Replace values in coloured cells with your own data



This free calculator is intended for educational use only. While I have taken reasonable care to ensure that this calculator works correctly, no warranty is implied or given for the 'free' results generated.

I will add a metric version over the next few weeks.

Note there are two work sheets. The calculator shows the outputs of the calculations derived from the costs inputted. The cost inputs work sheet also enables the desired profit to be added.

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