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Ice cream forum announcements

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Printed Date: 21 Apr 2024 at 11:37am
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Topic: Ice cream forum announcements
Posted By: formula123
Subject: Ice cream forum announcements
Date Posted: 06 Apr 2011 at 8:10pm
Coverage of ice cream on this site is limited mainly to ice cream mix formulation, a fairly specialised topic, and generally mainly of interest to people interested in product development.
There are big differences between commercial ice cream manufacture and home or hobby ice cream making. Consequently expect differences in texture, melting properties and storage life between commercial and home produced ice cream." rel="nofollow - Professor Doug Goff from the University of Guelf has an excellent website that describes the commercial manufacture of ice cream and outlines relevant science including the relationship between microstructure, production methods and functional properties.
If you produce ice cream for home use  without using emulsifiers and stabilisers, adequate mixing, homogenisation, heat treatment, ageing there are likely to be some quality issues with your product and it is unlikely that this is the best place for you to post queries. A hobby site would probably be better.
Forum users with queries on textural, storage and fast melting ice cream problems may find the following references useful:
Baer, R.J., M.D.Wolkow and K.M. Kasperson (1997). Effect of emulsifiers on the body and texture of lowfat ice cream. J. Dairy Sci., 80: 3123-3132.
Baer, R.J., N. Krishnaswamy and K.M. Kasperson, (1999). Effect of emulsifiers and food gum on nonfat ice cream.  J. Dairy Sci., 82: 1416-1424.
Goff, H.D (1997). Colloidal aspects of ice cream - a review. International Dairy Journal, 7, 363–373.
Muse, M.R. and R.W. Hartel, (2004). Ice cream structural elements that affect melting rate and hardness. J. Dairy Sci., 87: 1-10.
Rosalina, P., Sofian., Hartel, W. Richard (2004). Effects of overrun on structural and physical characteristics of ice cream. Int. Dairy J., 14(3): 255-262.
Sakurai, K., S. Kokub, K. Hakamata, M. Tomita and S. Yoshida, (1996). Effect of production conditions on ice cream melting resistance and hardness. Milchwissenschaft, 51(8): 451-454.

Posted By: angel
Date Posted: 01 Nov 2012 at 1:24pm

most stabilisers used in ice cream contain carageenan but there is a link of carageenan to cancer. Is this true? if it is true what other stabiliser can be used in its place without affecting the functional properties?

Posted By: formula123
Date Posted: 02 Nov 2012 at 11:48am
Sorry for the delay in responding, not in the UK at present. There are basically two types of carageenan, the undegraded type used in ice cream and in foods has been found to be safe. I am aware of no concerns regarding consuming carageenan approved for use in food. I will give some references to safety when I return home.
Degraded carageenan on the contray my cause colon inflammation.

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