Need to know how to cite a reference?

Example of reference materials

Using this free tool you can cite 58-different types of reference including iPhone and Android apps! Just select a reference type below and complete the form at the bottom of the page, the screen shot provides more information. If you are still not sure click on the Harvard reference generator help  symbol on the form for help.

Birth, marriage or death
Birth, marriage or death- On Line
Book edited by one editor
Book edited by more than one editor
Chapter in an edited book
Chapter in an unedited book
Figure in unedited book
Book translated
Journal article
Blog article
Electronic journal article
Conference paper
Conference paper and proceedings-edited
Legal judgement-not referenced using the Harvard system
Referencing a report from a Congress Hearing (U.S.)
Hansard report
Electronic discussion list
Lecture notes
On Line lecture notes
Newspaper article
Mintel report
Press Release
Website with author
Website without a named author
Article from a website
Dissertation or thesis
Online image
Google Earth Image
Planning application
Working paper Online, author known
Working paper Online, author not-known
Working paper in print, author known
Working paper in print, author not known
UK government report published by The Stationery Office (H.M.S.O. prior to 1996)
International organization publication e.g. WHO. Author known
International organization publication e.g. WHO. Author unknown
UK government circular
Software downloaded from a website
iPhone application
Android application
Video from YouTube
Periodical e.g.magazine
Periodical-On Line
Television broadcast
Television series
Film, documentary, DVD movie

When you have added the information click on the submit button and the citation will be generated. You can copy and paste this citation to your reference list or save the citation and produce a list of citations for later use. Note this list will not be arranged in date or alphabetical order, if you need a reference list use the free reference listing software.

If you need to cite a reference source that is not available in the wizards you may use this form to let me know. If enough people request this it will be added; I will try to post some hints on referencing your source on the forum in the meantime.

Note the Harvard system of referencing is not 'tightly' specified and some variation in the use of capital letters, italics, the use of parentheses and text styles does occur in different institutions and journals. Please check the 'house style' that is specified for your publication, thesis, dissertation or assignment before submitting your work.

If you have arrived at this page directly, through Google for example, you may find the articles on referencing, the perils of Wikipedia, and the tools for evaluating the clarity of your writing useful also.

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