Users must first log on to the calculator using the user name selected and the password that has been sent to your  Email-address. If you can see the "log on" button as shown in the screen shot below you have not logged in!


Note that from time to time minor changes will be made to the calculator, it may be some days before these are reflected in this user guide but any major changes will be noted as they take place. 



I will demonstrate how to use the calculator to produce a recipe for a mix that has the following formula or specification:


11% MSNF, 13% Fat, 0.5% stabiliser, 0.15% emulsifier, 15% sweetener.


The Ingredients available are: cream (40% fat), skim milk powder, sugar, emulsifier, stabiliser and water.

1. Add the fat, MSNF and other components given in the formula as shown in  figure 1 below.


2. The ingredients e.g. cream are added one at a time using the drop down list on the left hand side as shown below in figure 2.

Firstly, cream is selected from the drop-down menu on the left hand side.


 The fat concentration of the cream must then be adjusted to 40% fat as shown in figure 3.


After adjusting the fat concentration, press “Click on add ingredient” to add the cream to the calculation matrix as shown in figure 4.


After the Add Ingredient button has been clicked the cream is added to the calculation matrix, the MSNF is adjusted accordingly and another ingredient can be added from the drop down menu. Note that the MSNF of the cream has been calculated automatically.


We need to select the next ingredient; skim milk powder has been selected (figure 6). No adjustments are required and the new addition is confirmed by using the Add ingredient button.


This process is completed until all the ingredients have been added as shown in figure 7.


When all the ingredients have been added press the “Press Calculate” button to perform the calculation.

A screen shot of a completed calculation is shown below (figure 8). Note the comments concerning weight, MSNF and fat balances. 

You can save the calculation and return at a later time to work with again. If you wish to save the calculation, you are required to give it a name and to add some memorable remarks.




To save the calculation simply click on the “Save to calculations folder” button.


You will then receive a message to indicate that the calculation has been saved.


 The saved calculation can accessed at your convenience and edited as required. Go to the calculator.