The Dairy Science and Food Technology (DSFT) website provides scientific and technological information, Cloud-based tools and consultancy services for food scientists and technologists working in industry and in colleges and universities. A discussion forum and interactive content through "On Line" calculators are also provided. Writing/citation resources including a Harvard-type reference wizard and a range of citation-wizards can also be accessed.

I would be pleased to receive food science and technology-related material that would benefit students and technical people working in the food industry.

Submit articles by Email to the webmaster at this site's URL ( Please read the following advice before submitting an article. Note advertising without any significant scientific or technical content will not be accepted. I have no problem with company information being provided but articles must contain the underpinning science and technology to justify company information being accepted for publication.

The Dairy Science and Food Technology website is aimed at both undergraduate and postgraduate students studying dairy and food technology or people working in the food industry.

Please aim the technical/scientific difficult level so that final year 'honours' students should be able to understand what you have written.

Authoritative articles suitable for the general public on 'food-related matters are also welcome.

Format of contributions
The text should be typed using double spacing. Please use Verdana as the font and font size of 12. Embed images in your file. Please ensure that no image has a file size greater than 50 kb. Only embed .gif or .jpg/jpeg image files. Please retain the original image files in case these may be required later.
All tables and figures must have a caption and should be understandable without reference to the text; captions at the top for tables and at the bottom for figures or photographs. Additionally, the legends for axes must be 'readable' on-screen- minimum font size of 12 must be used. 

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