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Tomino di Talucco

Characteristics - Tomino di Talucco is a fresh cheese produced from goats’ milk or a mixture of goats’ and cows’ milk. The concentration of cows’ milk used must be less than 90%. Tomino di Talucco cheese is cylindrical with flat surfaces. The cylindrical shape has a diameter of 4-5 cm, an edge of 3-4 cm and a weight of 50-80 g. In fresh cheeses, there is no rind and the dough is white or ivory-white without holes. The texture is soft and slightly consistent. The odour is fine, delicate, and is rarely pungent. The taste is mainly acid and fine. In ripened cheeses, the rind is hard and the dough is yellow. The texture is also hard. The odour is strong, persistent and pungent. The taste is savoury and salty.

Tomino di Talucco is a fresh cheese produced from goats’ milk or a mixture of goats’ and cows’ milkProduction area - The geographical area of production is the hamlet of Talucco in the Pinerolo city and some small towns in the Turin province near to Pinerolo city.

Cheesemaking - Tomino di Talucco is produced with raw milk. The milk is heated to 80 °C and then cooled to 36 °C and coagulated by the addition of bovine liquid rennet. The curd is cut a little then it is collected and drained in moulds. The cheese is dry-salted. The ripening time is generally 1-2 days but ripening times of 15-20 days are also used. 

Composition - The composition of Tomino di Talucco cheese is given in table 13.

Table 13.  The composition of Tomino di Talucco cheese







Fat (% dry matter)




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