Professor G ZeppaGiuseppe Zeppa is a researcher in the Food Technology Sector of Di.Va.P.R.A. (Department of Exploitation and Protection of the Agricultural and Forestry Resources) at the Agricultural Faculty of Turin University (Italy). He is a professor of Sensory Analysis and  Milk and Dairy Technology at Turin University.

Professor Zeppa has worked at Turin University since 1984.

 Research Interests and Current Research Projects

Professor Zeppa's research  is devoted to the study of chemical and sensory characteristics of foods. The main topics are the study of wine and cheese flavours, the study of relationships between technology and chemical/sensorial characteristics of foods, the use of gas-chromatography-mass spectrometry for food analysis, the food characterisation between the sensory analysis, the consumer science.

Giuseppe Zeppa is responsible for research projects founded by the European Union, Ministry of University (MURST), Regional Governments and private companies, and is the author or co-author of more than 120 scientific papers.

Current Research Projects

• EU Project CRAFT "Sustainable enhancement of autochthonous wine grapes in mountain areas"
• Characterisation of typical cheeses of Piedmont (North West Italy)
• Characterisation of typical Piedmont foods (potato salami, breadsticks, maize, potatoes, salami)
• Sensory characterisation of Piedmont wines
• Study of terpene compounds in mountain cheeses


Selected publications

• Schneider A., Mannini F., Gerbi V., Zeppa G. - 1989 - Effect of vine vigour of Vitis vinifera cv 'Nebbiolo' clones on wine acidity and quality. Proceedings "Vth International Symposium on Grape Breeding", St. Martin/Pfalz (FRG), 525-531.

•  Zeppa G., Allegrone G., Barbeni M., Guarda P.A. (1990) - Variability in the production of volatile metabolites by Trichoderma viride. Ann. Microbiol., 40, 171-176.

• Ferrarini R., Zironi R., Gerbi V., Zeppa G. (1992) - The use of hollow fibre membranes in the crossflow filtration of grape musts.  Atti Euromembrane '92, Parigi, 5-8 ottobre, in  Rècent progrès en génie des procédés, 6, 22, 317-322.

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