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Ingredient suppliers that provide exemplary customer service

Small, and even large companies, frequently find it difficult to contact potential new supplier partners.  This is a particular problem for some small companies attempting to get their new business started or wishing to expand.

However there are companies who provide exemplary customer service and work hard to meet customer needs. The following is a list of these companies that provide exemplary customer service in the ice cream sector.

 Flavour companies

 Frey & Lau GmbH

Frey & Lau is a manufacturer of essential oils, flavours and fragrances. Their flavours are extensively used in ice cream and water ices. Customer service available through their UK distributor is exceptional.

URL: http://www.freylau.de/

Sweeteners, starches, cocoa and chocolate, hydrocolloids


Cargill is a large global company. Their UK Food Ingredients staff provide exemplary customer service.
URL: http://www.cargill.co.uk/en/products-services/food-ingredients/index.jsp

Garrett ingredients Thornbury

Garret is a UK food ingredients company. It can provide a wide range of ingredients for the ice cream sector ranging from milk powders, fats, sweeteners to emulsifiers/stabilisers. They respond to Emails promptly, have dairy specialist's and provide excellent customer service.  
URL: http://www.garrettingredients.co.uk/pages/Products-1.aspx?pageid=148





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