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I get lots of queries from companies and individuals either requesting recommendations for people who might be suitable for dairy science, dairy technologist, food technologist jobs or for advice from food job seekers on vacancies in particular job areas. I regret that I can no longer respond directly to these queries, I simply do not have the time to do so.

I will use  this page to  publicise posts connected with the subject areas covered by this site and will consider publicising the details of people searching for work here also. If you wish to advertise a vacancy on this site please use the contact form to discuss your vacancy. Companies placing adverts normally make a small donation towards the running costs of the Dairy Science and Food Technology website or link to this site.  

You can also obtain information about careers and current vacancies in food science and food technology in the links section of this site. I will try to keep these updated and have added a number of  recruitment company links. Note that there is a world wide shortage of food scientists and technologists and that pay and working conditions in many countries now reflect this new reality. Food scientists and technologists with postgraduate qualifications are particularly well paid in the US and the remuneration situation is now improving significantly in the UK, Ireland and in other parts of Europe.

This article provides students with an overview of why employers are increasingly attempting to recruit graduates with entrepreneurial skills. It also explores why economies within the European Union need more people with imagination and drive to think and act in an entrepreneurial manner to create exciting opportunities for themselves and others. Entrepreneurship is not something special that a few people are born with. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking that can be nurtured in any environment, not just business start-ups but also in existing private and public organisations. Therefore, it is not surprising that schools and colleges are interested in producing more enterprise-savvy graduates; and governments are committed to equipping people with enterprise skills in all walks of life. This article outlines how important it is for everyone to cultivate his or her entrepreneurial spirit.

Group logoPosition:              Postdoctoral Researcher (PhD not essential;  i.e., available at Research Assistant level also)

Date added:         Monday 14th August 2017

Duration:             2 Years

Supervisor:         Dr Seamus O'Mahony

Location:             Food Ingredients Research Group, School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork, Ireland

Further details on the position and how to apply can be found at the following links:




The deadline for applications for the food jobs below has closed.

 VSO International have two agrifoods jobs starting in August 2011.

1. Veterinary adviser for the Central Region Milk Producer's Association (CREMPA), in Lilongwe, Malawi for 24 months

Whats the context and purpose of the role?

VSO has been supporting CREMPA since 2001, looking at the most appropriate ways to support smallholder dairy farmers to improve their living standards with VSO volunteer providing long term support to CREMPA mostly in the area of dairy husbandry, health and nutrition.

The overall purpose of the placement is to build capacity in CREMPA to provide appropriate, robust and demand driven animal husbandry and veterinary services to its members and to firmly embed these services within the members associations themselves to ensure future sustainability through skill building of the farmer livestock technicians.

What does the role involve?



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