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I get lots of queries from companies and individuals either requesting recommendations for people who might be suitable for dairy science, dairy technologist, food technologist jobs or for advice from food job seekers on vacancies in particular job areas. I regret that I can no longer respond directly to these queries, I simply do not have the time to do so.

I will use  this page to  publicise posts connected with the subject areas covered by this site and will consider publicising the details of people searching for work here also. If you wish to advertise a vacancy on this site please use the contact form to discuss your vacancy. Companies placing adverts normally make a small donation towards the running costs of the Dairy Science and Food Technology website or link to this site.  

You can also obtain information about careers and current vacancies in food science and food technology in the links section of this site. I will try to keep these updated and have added a number of  recruitment company links. Note that there is a world wide shortage of food scientists and technologists and that pay and working conditions in many countries now reflect this new reality. Food scientists and technologists with postgraduate qualifications are particularly well paid in the US and the remuneration situation is now improving significantly in the UK, Ireland and in other parts of Europe.

There are also excellent opportunities for PhD research in food science and technology in the UK and Ireland. Potential candidates should look at, in particular, the websites of University College Cork, the University of Leeds, The University of Nottingham, Queens University Belfast, the University of Ulster, and Reading University. There are also a number of research institutes and colleges closely associated with particular universities where students can undertake research frequently involving a commercial partner e.g. the Teagasc research centres in the Republic of Ireland and the The Institute of Food Research in England. Note these institutions frequently advertise posts for scientists and technologists.

The Health and Life Sciences pages of Intute should be a major resource for people seeking information in food and agriculture matters generally and research and job vacancies in particular.

If you are a recently qualified graduate and are unemployed you may find that your university or college has a list of current vacancies. Many employers still advertise vacancies in this way. For example, current and past students from CAFRE can access job vacancies on "Blackboard".  There are also a number of trade journals advertising industry vacancies.

If you have had a number of unsuccessful interviews or have not had an offer of an interview you should consider trying to obtain some feedback on your interview performance and on your application in general. The article by Dr Cecilia Hegarty provides an overview of why employers are increasingly attempting to recruit graduates with entrepreneurial skills and may also be of help to students preparing for interviews. Increasingly criterion based interviewing techniques are being used and many recent graduates, if unprepared, can find it difficult to deal with questions that require them to explain their personal contributions and achievements against job specific criteria.

Good communication skills are usually a requirement for most jobs. Well written applications forms and curriculum vitae are essential. Written submissions must be concise, legible, be free from spelling mistakes and grammatically correct. This is where a critical friend is invaluable. You may also find the text-readability calculator on this site to be helpful in obtaining an indicator of how clearly your application is written.

For more senior job seekers you will probably be aware that many of the larger companies employ 'head hunters' to identify potential candidates. If you wish to be successful then you need to understand how these companies work and start building your personal network!

Current jobs

VSO International have two agrifoods jobs starting in August 2011.

1. Veterinary adviser for the Central Region Milk Producer's Association (CREMPA), in Lilongwe, Malawi for 24 months

Whats the context and purpose of the role?

VSO has been supporting CREMPA since 2001, looking at the most appropriate ways to support smallholder dairy farmers to improve their living standards with VSO volunteer providing long term support to CREMPA mostly in the area of dairy husbandry, health and nutrition.

The overall purpose of the placement is to build capacity in CREMPA to provide appropriate, robust and demand driven animal husbandry and veterinary services to its members and to firmly embed these services within the members associations themselves to ensure future sustainability through skill building of the farmer livestock technicians.

What does the role involve?

  • Plan and deliver training for Farmer Livestock Technicians (FLTs) regarding fertility problems, disease detection, drug administration and the use of animal feeding.
  • Support the Technical officer on data collection and record keeping.
  • Monitoring performance of all services in order to improve conception rate.
  • Supervision of FLTs and technicians.
  • Develop a plan for parasite treatment based on disease assessment.
  • Work with member organisations for improved productivity and feed supply.
  • Work with breeding units for ongoing improvements in breeding quality.
  • Build a good relationship with the Central Veterinary Laboratory and assist them to improve turnaround time on test results and generally improve efficiencies in service provision to CREMPA members.


What skills, experience and personal qualities are needed for the role?

You’ll have a degree in veterinary medicine, ideally with an emphasis on tropical disease or dairy farming. You’ll have practical experience of working with large animals and of artificial insemination. Exposure to or knowledge of diagnostic testing (laboratory) is desirable. You’ll be comfortable with providing on the job training to technicians with minimal education standards, using your strong people skills to help support staff and develop interventions.

You’ll be willing to ride a motorbike (VSO will provide the training) to allow you to visit farms in rural areas.

And the rest

Because of the nature of the role, you’ll to be flexible regarding your working hours - cows do not respect office hours!  CREMPA will take a flexible approach on flexitime volunteers time off in lieu of weekend or evening work.  The office has an informal environment; however the hierarchical structure of the Management and Executive is rigidly respected. You’ll be given 33 days annual leave per year (including Malawi’s 12 public Holidays). The position is based within Lilongwe City limits and as such has access to the best facilities available within a half hour minibus ride.

You’ll be working in the capital Lilongwe and will probably be living in accommodation near the City Centre. The city is very sociable with many other expats and about 20 VSO volunteers living there. This ensures that there’s a fairly busy social side to life as a volunteer. There are art galleries, restaurants and shops, but Lilongwe is also a very green and calm city. From Lilongwe it is possible to visit the rest of Malawi’s beautiful countryside and nature reserves.

 Well ask you to commit 12-24 months to make a sustainable contribution to our development goals. In return, well give you comprehensive financial, personal and professional support. We'll provide you with extensive training before your placement, and our financial package includes a local salary, return flights, accommodation, insurance and more. When you return to your home country, we'll help you to resettle and many of our returned volunteers stay involved with us long after their placement ends.

 Reference number (please quote in your application form: [M448-0007-0001]

To apply go to http://www.vso.org.uk/volunteer/apply-now/

2. Dairy Production Manager, Individual Entrepreneur (IE) Muminov, Soughd, Northern Tajikistan for 8 months

What’s the context and purpose of the role?

IE is one of the first private dairy companies in Northern Tajikistan. Correct, a business arm of IE employs more than 40 full time workers and obtains milk for processing from more than 100 small scale producers in neighboring villages. Correct provides opportunity to village women to sell their milk at significantly higher prices than others and provides employment opportunities for many farmers who would otherwise struggle to generate any income.  Correct need the technical skills of a VSO volunteer to develop the quality of products by implementing improvements in the supply of inputs into dairy processing by working with suppliers and Correct employees. 

You’ll work to support plans to implement international standards on hygiene and collection baselines and work with Correct to enable to inception of an effective system for milk production and collection to help them to expand and support more rural farmers in northern Tajikistan.

What does the role involve?

Developing hygiene standards and communicate to local farmers.

Provide advice and train milk suppliers to follow sanitary and hygiene while milking.

Assist in improving methods of milk collection.

To support producers and Correct to devise and implement an effective system of milk collection point.

To advise producers and Correct on quality standard and testing of milk products (bacteriology and chemical test).

What skills, experience and personal qualities are needed for the role?

You’ll have a degree in veterinary science or a similar and significant experience in the field of livestock management and advising small scale livestock producers. We’re looking for someone with people skills. You’ll need excellent communication and diplomacy skills and a proven ability to share knowledge through facilitation and coaching skills. Practical experience in the dairy sector and/or in a developing country setting would be desirable. You’ll need to be prepared to work in rural settings, often with limited or low quality equipment.

And the rest...

Most local shops are not supermarket-type facilities where you can simply pick up what you need. The best and cheapest place to go on food shopping and miscellaneous, especially for fruits and vegetables, is markets (bazaar), which are central and easily accessible, although you may prefer to go to local shops.  In winter time vegetables and fruits are available, but more expensive.  There is a policlinic (family doctor services) and a hospital in Khujand.

We’ll ask you to commit to 12 months to make a long-term contribution tackling poverty. In return we’ll provide you with invaluable training before your placement, a local living allowance, return flights, accommodation and insurance. When you return to your home country, we’ll help you resettle and we’ll invite you to stay involved with us through campaigning, development awareness and fundraising.

 Reference number (please quote in your application form: [Taj0036-0002-0001]

 To apply go to http://www.vso.org.uk/volunteer/apply-now/

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