Ice Cream Mix Calculator

The objective in calculating ice cream mixes is to turn a formula into a recipe based on the intended ingredients and the mass or volume of mix required.  The recipe is then processed to obtain ice cream for distribution and sale.  In the UK and in North America the formula is given as percentages of fat, milk solids-not-fat (MSNF), sugar, stabilisers-(stabilizers in the US) and emulsifiers. Since several ingredients may be available to supply these components e.g. MSNF available ingredients are selected on the basis of quality and cost.

The Dairy Science and Food Technology ice cream mix calculator uses linear programming to solve the mix calculations and provides a “proof of calculation” showing that the mass of the mix sums to the correct value and all the components e.g. fat also sum to the correct value. Since there is only one unique solution for each calculation you can quickly validate your results by checking the sums figures.

While the calculator is fairly simple to use there is a help facility, please see the ? below. Further information on ice cream, and other ice cream related calculators, is also available. 

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