Launch of new dairy course

 Dairy processing is a very significant pillar of the Irish economy. In 2013 export values for Irish Dairy products and ingredients exceeded €3 billion making an enormous contribution to the domestic economy. The industry exports 85% of all output produced, making Ireland the 10th largest dairy export nation globally. The strongest performing category areas were butter, cheese, infant formula, milk and cream and whole milk powder and whey powders, while fat-filled milk powders, also accounted for 80% of growth in the prepared foods export category.

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Ireland’s dairy industry manufactures produces a wide range of consumer products and dairy ingredients. Consumer dairy products including butter, cheese, and dairy-derived products such as yogurts and dairy-based drinks have now been complemented with dairy ingredients including milk-fate derived ingredients, as well as milk protein, infant formula and other nutritional ingredients to cater to infant formula and sports nutrition markets amongst others. The increased sophistication and complexity of the dairy product portfolio has been underpinned by significant advances in dairy sciences led by UCC and Teagasc in addition to the industry’s clear focus on constantly evolving trends in consumers’ lifestyles and consumption behaviours.

In recognition of the growth and diversification of the Irish dairy industry, UCC, in association with Teagasc, has developed a highly innovative, industry-focused, part-time, blended-learning Postgraduate Certificate in Dairy Technology and Innovation. This qualification is aimed to support the further education and training needs of people at work in the dairy industry.

Drawing on UCC’s 90 years’ experience in dairy science education and Teagasc’ dairy research expertise and in light of industry’s needs, UCC and Teagasc have decided to develop and launch this innovative programme

Module Delivery

The programme is delivered by blended learning, involving a combination of online and in-class

sessions. In-class sessions, to encourage interaction and group formation, will be delivered via block

release, where the participant spends 2 days per week for three weeks with classmates (total 6 days

in each semester). The precise weeks for the block release sessions will be made available in advance of the course commencing.

Semester 1 September-December

FS6201 Milk production and quality (5 credits) (Block-release)

FS6202 Dairy chemistry (5 credits) (On-line module)

FE6502 Trends and dynamics across dairy markets (5 credits) (Block-release)

Semester 2 January-March

FS6203 Dairy processing technology (5 credits) (Block-release)

MB6201 Dairy microbiology (5 credits) (On-line delivery)

FE6501 Business processes across the supply chain (5 credits) (Block-release)

For information on admission requirements, programme content, delivery etc. please contact:

Professor Paul McSweeney,

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, College of Science, Engineering and Food Science, UCC

Tel. 021 490 2011


Mary McCarthy-Buckley,

Food Industry Training Unit, College of Science, Engineering and Food Science, UCC

Tel. 021 490 3363