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Cheese Science and Technology Training Course at UCC

University College Cork, Ireland, is offerring a 3-day advanced course in cheese manufacture over the period 31st January to the 2nd February 2018.

UCC cheese course brochure

The topics covered in this course will include:

    •    Cheese as a product
    •    Diversity of cheese
    •    Dairy chemistry – casein, whey proteins, fat  
    •    Milk pre-treatment 
    •    Rennet gelation, syneresis         
    •    Starters and acidification
    •    Cutting, cooking, whey drainage
    •    Curd Treatment
    •    Ripening; overview and control, microbiology  
    •    Metabolism of lactose, lactate, citrate
    •    Lipolysis
    •    Proteolysis
    •    Amino acid catabolism
    •    Acceleration and control of ripening
    •    Yield efficiency
    •    Processed cheese
    •    Cheese as an Ingredient 

The lead trainers are Professors Paul McSweeney and Tim Guinea. Paul is a Professor of Food Chemistry in University College Cork, and Tim Guinea is Principal Research Officer at Moorepark Food Research Centre (MFRC),Teagasc, Fermoy, Co. Cork.

For further information contact:

Dr Angela Sheehan
Programme Manager
Telephone: +353 21 4901423
E-mail: a.sheehan@ucc.ie
Web Site: https://www.ucc.ie/en/fitu/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UCCFoodTraining



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