The Food Industry Training Unit (FITU) at University College Cork has designed a 2-day training programme in thermal processing for R&D, NPD, Operations, Technical, QA, QC personnel involved in formulating, developing, commercialising, manufacturing and troubleshooting any thermally-processed nutritional dairy-based beverages, such as UHT milk, ESL milk, clinical or sports nutrition products, infant formula, enriched milks, flavoured milks, cream liqueurs and elderly nutrition products.Thermal processing course at UCCThis course will be an important refresher for Food Science and Food Technology graduates many of whom may have 'turned off' when this was taught as well as essential  training for others.

The course will be delivered by Dr's Mike Lewis, Seamus O’Mahony and Professor Alan Kelly

For further information contact the FITU manager, details are given below.

Ms Mary McCarthy-Buckley, Manager

Tel:  +353 21 4903363    


Web:  htps://

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info_icon UCC Thermal Processing Training Course on the 2nd and 3rd May 2019