I had the honour and pleasure of chairing the Society of Dairy Technology (SDT) webinar on Thursday the 17th of November.

The short webinar of 3 presentations, see below, featured authors of papers published in the International Journal of Dairy Technology. All of these papers had been noted as high quality and their findings have potential industrial applications.

11:02 - 11:20 Development of global fatty acid models and possible applications. Dr Daniel Schwarz (Foss)
11:20 - 11.40 Effect of ‘chlorine-free’ cleaning of milking equipment on the microbiological quality and chlorine-related residues in bulk tank milk. Dr Bernadette O'Brien (Teagasc)
11:40 - 11:58 Nonthermal and thermal treatments impact the structure and microstructure of milk fat globule membrane. Dr Fatma Ali (Tianjin University of Science & Technology)

Many thanks to Dr Daniel Schwarz,  Dr Bernadette O’Reilly and Dr Fatma Ali for making my role as chairman so easy. Thanks also to Ms Marian Pusey, the Executive Director of the SDT, for organising the event,
The webinar will shortly be available through the SDT’s YouTube Channel and I will add the link when this is available.