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Welcome to the Dairy Science and Food Technology ice-cream calculator subscription service. Currently there are 5-payment options,1 day's use for £15, 5-day's use for £25, 40-day's use for £50.00, 80-day's access for £70 and 365 day's access for £120 (prices at the 22nd July, 2016).  Go to the  ice cream mix calculator.

Users of the subscription service have access to enhanced ice cream calculator functionality! Users opting to support the site in this way can save each calculation, give it a unique name e.g. Egg yolk, CSS, stabiliser x mix  along with a description of the mix e.g. how well the mix performed in taste panels (figure 1).


Graphic showing unique name and description facility for saving calculations

Users can also amend their details e.g. change Email address and can reset their passwords.

Saved calculations can be viewed by  opening the saved calculations folder (figure 2). This lists all the saved calculations.  Each calculation can be opened, edited, renamed or duplicated and the changes saved for future use. This is a big improvement in convenience and could potentially save calculator users a lot of valuable time!



Screenshot of calculations saved in calculations folder


Users can also access an extensive range of ingredients to formulate mixes. The calculator is currently configured to work with the ingredients shown in figure 3. Additional options can easily be provided.


Configured ingredients

         Figure 3. Standard ingredient configuration. Others can be added.

Want further information about the subscription service? Go to the  ice cream mix calculator.

Access to free resources
Subscription users have exclusive access to resources, including some downloads that normally require payment. A list of resources available in July 2016 are given below:

Free resources available to subscription calculator users

Items 2 to 6 are calculators. The 8% fat gelato mix produces ice cream that tastes as though it contains 10-12% butter fat and according to clients may have won awards at gelato and ice cream competitions.

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