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Download spreadsheet to produce whole milk powder of defined fat concentration

Download Microsoft Excel standardisation calculator for whole milk powder manufacture

The calculator used on this web site for producing milk powder to a target fat concentration was validated using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is available for download subject to a small donation (£4.99, < €6 or <US $10, conversions based on the exchange rate at March 2012) to contribute towards the running costs of the Dairy Science and Food Technology website.

The download contains one Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and a document in PDF form. The PDF file explains the basis of the calculations. A screenshot of the spreadsheet is shown in figure 1.

 Image of Excel spreadsheet for producing whole milk powder to fat target

Figure 1. Screenshot of the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for undertaking calculations to determine the fat concentration required to produce a milk powder to a defined fat concentration.

All the cell formulas are unlocked. The spreadsheet is for your own personal educational use. Only make a donation if you accept the Terms and Conditions for the use of Spreadsheets from this site.


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Following secure payment you will shortly receive an Email with a download link. The link is valid for 7-days and during this time you can download the spreadsheet 4-times.




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info_icon Download spreadsheet to produce whole milk powder of defined fat concentration