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Calculation of the Comite´ des Industries des Mayonnaises et Sauces Condimentaires de la Communaute´ Economique que Europenne (CIMSCEE) safety (ΣS) and stability (Σ) values for a sauce.

To use add your values to the empty fields below

This calculator should be used only after reading the article on the CIMSCEE model. In addition to performing the calculation the software compares the ΣS and Σ values and against the CIMSCEE values and issues alerts if safety or stability are compromised.

Calculator for determining the CIMSCEE safety(Σs) and stability (Σ) values for a sauce containing acetic acid
% of ingredient in sauce (w/w) or simply add the ingredient composition (w/w) of a mix. The software will make the adjustment to 100%.
Acetic acid concentration (% w/w)
Monosaccharides e.g. dextrose
Disaccharides e.g. sucrose

This calculator uses a pK of 4.757 for acetic acid.

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