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Lethal rate calculators

The first On Line lethal rate F calculator developed for the Diary Science and Food Technology website can be accessed by clicking here. This calculator also plots a graph of lethal rate versus time and allows data from PCs / data loggers to be imported as csv files.

Since this application has been developed other easier to use applications have been developed and can be accessed using the links below.

I have retained this application since it provides a facility to independently validate time-temperature values from e.g. dataloggers by importing csv data files.

Alternative F value calculators.

Calculator for determining the lethality (F, value) of a thermal process using the Trapezoid and Simpson's rules. This unique calculator works with thousands of pasted values e.g. from a data logger.

Calculator for determining the lethality (F, B* values) and chemical changes (C* value, formation of: HMF, Lactulose, Furosine, and destruction of thiamine) in heated milk integrated using the Trapezoid and Simpson's rules.

Calculator for determining the lethality (F, B* values) and chemical changes (C* value) for generic high temperature processes using the Trapezoid and Simpson's rules.

Please support this website

If you have found these unique and flexible calculators useful please make a small donation using PayPal to support the site.

If every browser donated a couple of pounds, dollars, euros or equivalent in other currencies it would really help the further development of the website and avoid the need to introduce a subscription charge to use this facility.

Your donation will also be used to develop the software used to run the site, purchase software licences, pay hosting and domain name costs and to minimise the use of advertising to recover running costs.

Alternatively consider making a donation for an Excel thermal processing spreadsheet. A range of Excel spreadsheets can be downloaded from here.




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