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Results of the Comite´ des Industries des Mayonnaises et Ssauces Condimentaires de la Communaute´ Economique que Europenne (CIMSCEE) safety value (ΣS) calculation


Results of CIMSCEE safety value (Σs) calculation
% total acetic acid
% salt
% hexose

% disaccharide


1-α (proportion of undissociated acetic acid) 0
CIMSCEE safety value (Σs) is 0. ALERT! This result is lower than the CIMSCEE safe value of 63 required for a safe product
Caution. The CIMSCEE model can under certain circumstances give an incorrect indication of product safety. Please see the article on this site for more information. This free calculator is intended for educational use only and is not a substitute for a company employing a qualified food technologist or microbiologist.

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