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The underpinning science behind this cheese-grade-calculator, developed by Giles and Lawrence (1973), has been discussed in the article "Modeling the grade value of Cheddar Cheese".


Model for predicting the grade of Cheddar cheese based on compositional analysis of 24 hour-old cheese curd.
% salt in moisture*
% MFFS**
% FDM**

Caution. This free calculator is intended for educational use only and is not a substitute for a company employing a qualified food technologist or microbiologist.

*  Salt in moisture =                 (cheese salt %) x 100
                                                (100-cheese total solids, %)

**  Moisture in fat-free-solids = (cheese moisture, %) x 100
                                                (100-cheese fat, %)

** Fat in dry matter               =   (cheese fat,%)            x 100
                                                 (100-cheese moisture, %)



How to cite this article

Mullan, W.M.A. (2009) [On-line] Available from: Accessed: This model is an updated version of one programmed in 2007 by the author. Access the original model.


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