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Calculator for converting ice cream mix recipes in US cups to formal weight measures and for scaling up to production mixes

Please fill all required fields
    Measure Weight
    Ingredient US Cup Grams
    Whole milk
    Egg yolks
    Total weight of mix
    Select scale up quantity (kg)
    Weight of ingredients / mix
    Ingredient Grams kg Lb:oz*
    Whole milk
    Egg yolks
    *Note pounds and ounces; 4.07 is 4 pounds and 4 ounces



    This free calculator is intended for educational use only. While I have taken reasonable care to ensure that this calculator works correctly, no warranty is implied or given for the 'free' results generated.

    Note! A US cup is not a standard measure and the conversion to grams is approximate. Similarly the weight of an egg yolk varies so the relationship between the number of yolks and weight is approximate.

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