Falafels restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana is a very special place.

It has brought the very distinctive cuisine of Jerusalem, which is based on the culinary traditions of Arab, Jewish and other Mediterranean immigrants, to the US.

Naomi Posner-Horie has now added home-made gelato and sorbet to the menu. Falafels offer over 30 flavours, which are rotated over time. The most popular (and the ones most often on display) are Panna, Cookies n Cream, Pistachio, Caramel Macchiato, Mexican chocolate, and Almond. Popular sorbets are Lemon Lime, and Blueberry.

Naomi Posner-Horie, Gelato entrepreneur.

Naomi Posner-Horie, Gelato entrepreneur.

A section of the gelato on display at Falafels restaurant.

A selection of the gelato on display at Falafels restaurant.

Interestingly customers can also buy vegan (dairy protein and lactose-free) gelato. The new gelato products have been so successful that Naomi is planning to sell pints of gelato, using the brand name “Mami's gelato” at her local Cooperative!

While Naomi had previous experience of making ice cream, gelato was less familiar and she decided to make her own mixes. DSFT is delighted at Naomi’s success and is delighted to have helped in producing balanced ice cream mixes .

Contact details

Address: Falafels Middle Eastern Grill, 430 E Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington, IN 47402

Phone: 812.355.3555

Email: falafels.btown@gmail.com

Web: http://www.falafelsonline.com

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