This intensive three-day training workshop will provide participants with knowledge of the principles of confectionery science, beginning with basic principles and working through various confectionery applications. Starting with principles of controlling phase transitions of sweeteners (sugar and sugar-free), the workshop will then focus on different sugar confectionery categories including hard sweets, caramel and fudge, aerated confections, and gummy/ jelly sweets. The workshop will finish with a focus on chocolate.

Confectionery course at UCCThe Lead Trainer

Professor Richard Hartel is a Professor of Food Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is lead coordinator of several industry-oriented confectionery courses at Wisconsin as well as instructor of an advanced confectionery science course within the University. He is lead author of the recent book ‘Confectionery Science and Technology’ which is based on the 2-week summer candy school for industry  (

The content of this UCC FITU course draws from materials delivered in the resident course at University of Wisconsin-Madison which has been running for more than 50 years.

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Dr Angela Sheehan

Food Industry Training Unit

School of Food and Nutritional sciences

College of Science, Engineering and Food Science University College Cork, Ireland

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