A good text book is even better if you can send questions to the author and get a timely response. I have recently found a really good process engineering book written by Arun Datta an author who responds to queries! The book is accompanied by Excel spreadsheets containing VB script that enables the solution of complex problems. Arum Datta is a consulting process engineer with extensive industry experience.

Process engineering textbook

 In Process Engineering and Design Using Visual Basic, Arun K. Datta provides a unique and versatile suite of programs along with simultaneous development of the underlying concepts, principles, and mathematics. Each chapter details the theory and techniques that provide the basis for design and engineering software and then showcases the development and utility of programs developed using the material outlined in the chapter. This all-inclusive guide works systematically from basic mathematics to fluid mechanics, separators, overpressure protection, and glycol dehydration, providing basic design guidelines based on international codes. Worked examples demonstrate the utility of each program, while the author also explains problems and limitations associated with the simulations.

For more information see Process Engineering and Design Using Visual Basic® - 2nd Edition - Ar (routledge.com).