I was delighted to present a paper “Validating the microbiological safety of an HTST process for commercial ice cream manufacture at the 10th China Dairy Science and Technology Conference at Changchun, China held from the 3rd to the 5th October, 2023.

The conference was organised by the Chinese Association of Animal Products Processing and Jilin University and was held at the Jilin University.

Paper on validation
Table showing calculated log reductions of pathogens in ice cream mix after heat treatment

I appreciated the kind and generous invitation from the Chinese Association of Animal Products Processing and Jilin University to be their guest in Changchun Province and to attend the Conference. Regretfully this was not possible on this occasion and I very much appreciated the opportunity to make the presentation Online. Special thanks to my International Journal of Dairy Technology (IJDT) colleague Dr Mohan Li for the invitation to present a paper at the Conference.


Selection of the audience at Jilin University.

Dr Li took the opportunity to publicise the IJDT and a Special Issue of the IJDT on Chinese Dairy Science and Technology. Dr Li was aided in this project by Ms Ella Liu from Wiley, Prof. Dr Tiehua Zhang from Jilin University (also a Guest Editor), Prof. Dr Juncai Hou from Northeast Agricultural University (also a Guest Editor), Dr Cuina Wang from Jilin University, Mr Jun Wang from Jilin University, Dr Mengxue Diao from Jilin University and Dr Li Ren from Jilin University. 


Journal information supplied at the conference
 Journal information provided at the Conference.