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Simplified spread sheet for calculating the F0, B* and C*values following ultra high temperature (UHT) processing of milk

Reference temperature for F0 RESULTS    
Reference temperature for B* and C*
F0 =
Z value for F0
B* =
Z value for B*
C* =
Z value for C*      
Duration of Heat treatment Select Seconds or Minutes Temperature, C F0 for duration B* for duration C* for duration  
0.005 0.002 0.508  
0.818 0.221 0.315  
4.091 0.990 0.328  
0.000 0.000 0.000  
0.000 0.000 0.000  
To use replace the values in the input cells (coloured yellow) with your own data.  
The calculator takes the time, up to 5 time periods, at up to 5-temperatures and sums the thermal indicators to give a total value.  
Users can select time intervals in either in minutes or seconds. These will be automatically converted to appropriate time units.  
F0=1 is equivalent to 121.1C for 1 minute at the z value indicated.  
B* = 1 is equivalent to 135C for 10.1 s at the z value shown and reduces a mixed flora of thermophilic spores by 9 log cycles (a 9D reduction).
C* = 1 is equivalent to 135C for 30.5 s at the z value indicated and results in a 3% loss of vitamin B1 (thiamine).  
This free calculator has been provided for educational purposes only. It is not warranted or guaranteed. Use at your own risk.  

This spreadsheet and others are available for download from the Dairy Science and Food Technology website.

More sophisticated calcualtors using Simpsons and Trapezoidal rules rules can be accessed at https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/thermal-processing.html

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